Rhythm - Genesis

Rhythm - Genesis cover
Length28 minutes
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Intro - Robert Miles - Children
Richard Angelides - Stereolab - Three-Dee Melodie
Montage 1 - Orbital - Sad But True
Ryan Bartsma - BBE - 7 Days and one Week
Montage 2 - Folk Implosion - Burning Paper
Jeff Taylor - Komeda - Frolic
Danny Montoya - The Chemical Brothers - In Dust we Trust
Montage 3 - Stereolab - Analogue Rock
Felix Arguelles - River Ocean/India - Love and Happiness
Slams - E.B.N. - Station Identification
Chany Jeanguenin - The Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin' Beats (instrumental)
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Guest Jonathan Simões

Insanely breakthrough video. Years ahead of it's time. So much tech tricks, all-electronic soundtrack and progressive visuals make this video straight from the future. It tooke me a while to appreciate it. But nowadays I'm proud to have this VHS standing in my shelf.

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