LENZ cover
CompanyTightbooth Production
Video byShinpei Ueno
Length71 minutes
Added byskate&destroy

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Lenz II


Intro - DJ Ken - Neurosis
Chaos - DJ Kiyo - Concrete Blues
Shelter - JNY The Weel - Killer Bee
Iida Akihiro - DJ Duct - LTD
Okinawa - Olive Oil - Space Olive Oil Remix
Midnight Axis Ft. Yuji Watanabe - DJ Perro Aka Dogg - Relays
San Francisco - Mantis - Find Game (Go To Bed)
Kappa Yokocho - Livingdead - Kappa March
Osaka - DJ Hal - Once Upon A Time In Osaka
Koichiro Uehara - JNY The Weel - Empire Jazz
Midnight Chaos - Daddy Veda Aka Rebel Beatz - The Other Side
TBPR - Akt The JN - Skate Experience
Credits - Akt The JN - The Hill Of Wind
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